Democracy is a Participation Sport!

Old Letter.jpgAt Rebuilding Democracy, we believe that the story of the 2008 election was us.  It was people all over the country putting their shoulders to the wheel to be part of moving this nation-cart out of the rut it's been caught in for 8 years, 20 years, 30 years . . .  It's going to take a little while to to move this vehicle onto another, more sane path.

We've got a lot of work and a lot to learn from each other.  This site aims to allow us to share with each other what we're doing, what's working, what's not, what inspires us, what we need to know about to act . . . . and more.

I personally still well up when I read about Obama, whether he's announcing his latest appointments for addressing climate change or him walking with his daughters or talking to the CIA or wooing foreign leaders.  I am so truly grateful that we elected a sane, thoughtful President who knows how to make use of a hugely talented group of people who want to help move this cart.  I'm glad that he doesn't tolerate drama, realizes it's not all about him, and knows how to manage to get the best out of folks.  No small feats, these!

There is so much that needs to change.  The infrastructure for that change is coming into being but there is a lot more to do.  Most but not all of the local Democratic organizations are working to build on what they did last year.  Progressive organizations are working to enact change.  AND, as this soon-to-come-to-an-end legislative sessions shows, we are in a world of hurt when it comes to a concerted, thoughtful plan. 

It's Up to Us

So, it is up to all of us to pitch in.  If you're at this site, you read more about issues and research and elections, and you join local Democratic or service or issues organizations and then you work to strengthen those organizations so that they will function better and provide more leverage for better government.

You learn how to deal with your local town government; you learn how to track and monitor bills going through the legislature or through Congress; or you learn to bring people together to talk about what they want to see be different and how they might do that.  We'll provide as much assistance to help you participate as we possibly can.

Focus on Washington State

Paying attention to the national scene is critical.  But, there are many great national websites and a lot of emerging infrastructure. Our scope, both for organizing and for discussion, is Washington State.  That's where Rebuilding Democracy hopes to be able to join with other progressive infrastructure builders to have an impact.  

This Site

We are still working on this site and it will take a while to expand it out to where we want it.  But, please comment.  And, if you want to write, let me know and I'll work with you.  Let me know about events that you want to share with this public.

Thanks.  We look forward to joining with you in this adventure.


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