We Have the Brains to Do This, Folks!

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We can individually and collectively figure out this change-your-culture/economy/planet-on-a-dime thing we are being asked to do.  I saw something today that took every doubt from my mind but that we are going to be able to do this. This is a story about a toilet, a new toilet built to recycle our poo.  Or, if we can't get that part of the culture changed enough here, due to our slowness in changing our basic bathroom habits, it's something for the 40% of the world's population that doesn't currently use a toilet.  (Yep, that statistic took me back too.)  This toilet is called the LooWatt.  Here's Virginia Gardiner from a company called Dwell. Watch:

H/T to Sarah van Schagen at Grist.

1 Comment

I watched this--you're right! We can do this! Again, it seems like it's not the technology that's lacking, but cultural patterns. In this case, our weird need to flush everything away with three gallons of potable water.


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