Drinking from a Fire Hose

Pittsburgh Convention Center.jpgThere is so much going on here and it is hard to get writing done when the next panel or dinner or discussion is so compelling that I can't find the time to get the next post done.  Every slot during the day has 6-8 panels, of which I'd like to go to 2-3.  Plus there have been incredible speakers 2-3 times per day.  Add to that that I organized a panel yesterday for my work, entitled "The Challenges of Organizing in Rural Areas".  

So, this morning I was taking notes on what Valerie Jarrett, Obama's ambassador to Netroots Nation, was saying while I'm finishing up my piece on President Clinton.  I'm so behind but I expect to put up pieces on Healthcare, Howard Dean, Valerie Jarrett, The Impact of the Netroots, Darcy Burner Keeps Going, and How Progressives Can Make a Difference.

In the meantime, a few stray observations on my 4th trip to this incredible conference of progressive political blog-writers, Democratic elected, and progressive organizations:

  • Labor had a great presence here, not just because we are in Pittsburgh; Labor really gets the need for the link between the two overlapping constituencies.  They fed us at times; talked to us as partners; helped sponsor us and talked pretty to us.  They know that we are far more reliable on Labor issues than the mainstream press.  I'm sitting here listening to the new President of the AFL-CIO, Richard L. Trumka.  He's great and I think his presence here speaks volumes about his understanding of where Labor needs to go.
  • We've become more mainstream; a lot of progressive organizations have paid for one or more of their staffers to attend.  As I talk to these young people, it's clear that they are having an impact on the Obama Administration.  Many say that they are filling the slots of people who have gone into the Administration.  It's also clear that they are a part of the same community.
  • Much to my amazement, Arlen Specter came across quite well and Joe Sestak was not as good as I expected.  Not sure if that would impact my vote if I were voting in the Pennsylvania primary next year but it was a surprise.  
  • We were being courted to influence the Health Care debate right now!  Clinton, Dean, Darcy and many more all asked us to work to get our side out to Town Halls and rallies to counteract the crazy teabaggers.
  • It's so fun to make fast friends with people from around the country because we know immediately that we all care deeply about the same things.
Much more to come.


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