When You Educate a Girl . . .

Ethiopian girl.jpgKofi Annan has called the education of girls the "single highest returning social investment in the world today".  Goldman Sachs, which has put $100 million toward assisting women from developing countries to gain access to  business and entrepreneurial education, seems to agree.  An article in Huffington Post by Julia Moulden entitled, "When You Educate a Girl, Everything Changes" speaks to work that many individuals and organizations are supporting. 

Some of us have been hearing for years that educating young women is the best way to improve economic growth, limit family size, reduce child and maternal mortality and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Apparently it's official now.  Moulden writes that Camfed, the organization that has been pushing the education of girls in Africa since 1993, has a lot of support now.  Among other things, Nicholas Kristof, NYT columnist, has co-written a book, entitled  "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide",  that describes the work that Camfed is doing and the women whose lives have been helped.


I keep hearing about this book...so glad it's out there (and I should read it).


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