Election Day Excitement

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The hum of Primary Election Day excitement started at 7:00am around the state with sign-waving and built through the day until Gregoire's acceptance speech at 10:00pm in Bellevue.

The big morning commute sign-waving in Seattle was at the intersection of Mercer and Fairview just off the freeway near downtown where hundreds of cars moved in every direction every minute. Gregoire for Governor supporters definitely led in numbers. Out of the sixty or so people standing on the middle island and the various corners at least a dozen were waving Gregoire signs. Most drivers were still a bit blurry-eyed but many gave us the nod or a thumbs up in support. It was a beautiful morning. And it was fun being in the midst of all that energy, both from the cars and from the many other candidates' supporters, knowing that Gregoire supporters all over the state were waving signs where they lived as well.


Next it was over to the pedestrian overpass above the freeway at 45th. There were five members and friends of the King Country Steering Committee waving signs for Gregoire as well as a Union member from one of our supporting unions. They were all volunteering their time to make sure that voters know they think it's important for people to vote and to consider voting for Chris.


Barb at Union office phone bank on Ravenna Ave. in Seattle

Meanwhile, the phone banks continued non-stop in our two offices in Seattle and in Spokane, Olympia, Vancouver, and Tacoma. In our Seattle headquarters office, we have volunteers calling on every available phone. All day long we hear, "Thanks, Catherine. You have a nice day" or "Great. Well, have a happy birthday" or "Glad you already voted. I hope your leg is better" or "Thanks for supporting us." Their very humanity is heart-warming to hear and more so knowing how important this campaign is to the people who come in to volunteer.

Later in the day, Chris came down to the main Seattle office in Fremont to thank the many volunteers and staff people who had worked so hard during the primary season. We had decorated the famous sculpture of people waiting for a bus at the corner of Fremont and 34th with Gregoire tee-shirts and signs. After Chris and her family got out of the car to the massive welcome of our volunteers and staff, we all walked across the intersection to the sculpture and joined the decorated statues for a picture. fremontstatues.jpg

Chris with campaign volunteers at Fremont District bus stop sculptures

In the evening we had a large celebration party at the Doubletree Hotel in Bellevue. There were a couple hundred people gathered waiting for the results, eating and drinking and talking through the evening. Intermittently, Lyle, our political director, stepped up to the mike on the stage to introduce a speaker. First up was Cindy Christenson, a nurse representing the 64,000 nurses and health care workers in the SEIU supporting Chris for Governor. She said that nurses and health care workers are supporting Chris because she is "ready to fight for quality, affordable health care and Washington State can't afford to take a chance on the alternative: Dino Rossi." Christenson listed the ways that Chris' health care plan supports the people of Washington State rather than the special interests and closed with "Let's all stand up for affordable health care and vote for Chris Gregoire." At 8:30, Chris and her family came down to thank us for all our support. Although the results were looking good, not enough precincts had reported for anyone to make an official call. Chris talked a couple of minutes, saying "I believe we're going to be able to take Washington State in the right direction." Then she went back up to her suite and the party continued.

Later, Lyle introduced Gary Locke, the incumbent governor who had recently endorsed Chris. He said that "The people of the state of Washington do not want right-wing conservatives". He went on to say that although Rossi can come across as moderate and reassuring, he is "just as conservative as Ellen Craswell and John Carlson," Locke's two previous highly conservative Republican opponents. After talking about Rossi's opposition to a variety of moderate proposals such as a Patient's Bill of Rights and a Woman's Right to Choose, Locke said that Chris exemplifies all that is good with the state of Washington. "She's been one of our state's greatest Attorney Generals and she is the one who will lead us into the 21st century."


Chris on Primary Election Night 


Chris with her mother, Mary, and daughters Courtney and Michelle

When Chris was introduced at 10:00 after it was clear that she had won the race, she was given a rousing welcome. She started by saying that this was a great night for the campaign and a great night for Washington State. She talked about how proud she was of the 1000's of volunteers across the state who worked hard for her campaign and share in this victory. She thanked Ron Sims for living his life with passion, for being such a good public servant, and for making this such a spirited campaign. She repeated again as she had at several public gatherings, "There's more that unites us than divides us."

In talking about the general election race with Rossi, Chris said that the stakes couldn't be higher and the choices couldn't be clearer. She said, "We see the world very differently. We will talk about the issues. We will show that Dino Rossi's agenda would take us in the wrong direction." She also challenged Rossi to join her in a series of debates so the issues can be made clear.

As she ended, Chris pumped up the crowd by asking, "Are you willing to join me in creating good jobs? Are you ready to join me in getting Washington workers back to work? Are you ready to join me in investing in our schools to make them the best quality in the nation? Are you ready to join me to protect the quality of life in the state of Washington?"

It was a wonderful celebration and a wonderful way to end an exciting day.


Gilbert Myers


Darmell Jones, Jay Jones and Yalonda Gill


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