Post-Primary Rally at Boeing Field - Sept. 15th

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The day after the Primary Election rallies were held for Chris Gregoire in Spokane, the Tri-Cities, Seattle, Vancouver and Olympia. The rally in Seattle was held at Boeing Field from 5:00 to 6:30. It was jam-packed with supporters, many from the various Unions that have endorsed Gregoire.


Supporters at the Boeing Field Rally

Prior to Chris' arrival, Senator Karen Keiser of the 33rd Legislative District, spoke briefly about the widespread support Chris has from state legislators. A few minutes later, the small plane with Chris and her family arrived and Chris, Mike, Michelle and Courtney came into the room. Courtney introduced her mother as the "energizer bunny". Here she was the day after the Primary going from rally to rally while most of her staff and supporters had slowed down from the immense efforts of the previous two days.

When Chris came to the podium, amidst wild applause, she said that people are enthused all over the state. She told us that she had received 80% of the vote in the Spokane area and people are pleased about what that means for success in November. She also said that she was running to be the governor of the entire state of Washington, not just one region. She said, "We are ready to bring this state together." She talked about the website that had just gone up for Republicans and Independents for Gregoire (

Chris said "Dino Rossi is not a bad person. We just have a fundamental difference in what we want for this state." She again challenged him to hold three debates, saying those debates would make the contrast clear. Chris closed by asking the audience to join her in moving this state in the right direction. She said that people say we can't do the range of things she wants to do for the state and she said, "I say, yes we can."

The crowd responded with chants of "We want Chris. We want Chris."

Chris added that this state is a bit fearful right now. "But we are a hopeful state and a determined state." And then she closed with "If the daughter of a short-order cook can grow up to be the next governor of the state of Washington, then let the message go out to every girl and boy in the state that they can grow up to be anything they want to be."

After the applause, Chris walked through the crowd, greeting long-time supporters, meeting new-comers and pausing for photos. It was a rousing beginning for the general campaign.


Chris with King County Steering Committee Leaders John Ellis and Becky Bogard

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