Sharon Langs - Long-Time Volunteer

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"I've admired Chris for many years for her integrity, warmth and intelligence."

sharon.jpgSharon has been making calls for us, sending out mailings and answering the phone for a year now. She is retired from work as a social worker and college administrator, is married and has two grown children and a 5-year old granddaughter. Although she has not been active in politics much before in her life, Sharon has come in once a week for a year until recently when she's begun coming in several times a week. Sharon has watched the campaign grow from a few staff members to a relatively large organization in that year. During that entire time, she has noticed that whenever Chris comes into the office, she is warm and caring and respects everyone. She is very thoughtful and always comes to hug Sharon and tell her how much her efforts are appreciated

Sharon admired Chris for many years for her integrity, warmth and intelligence. However it was Chris' efforts spearheading the negotiations and settlement with the tobacco companies that made Sharon decide to volunteer in her campaign. Sharon's mother smoked all her adult life and died from breast and lung cancer. She appreciated that Chris was willing to take on the tobacco industry and that that suit was so wildly successful.

Sharon's daughters are very proud of their mom for many reasons. While we were sitting in the office, between the phone calls that Sharon was answering, she received a bouquet from one of her daughter's. The note with the flowers read,

Dear Mama,

Thank you for raising me to
Be a strong, independent
Person and for being a
Wonderful role model.

Much love, Lee.

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