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April 06, 2011
She was one of my favorite adults . All my memories of adventure growing up come from her. She always made me feel so special and alive. I always felt open to be myself with her. She made me explore parts of my personality i would have never thought of tapping into without her. She always encouraged my curiosity as a child. I admired her free spirit deeply. If it were not for her I would not be as diverse as i am today. I'm so blessed to have known her. So blessed she took me under her wing from age 5 and nurtured my gifts. Now im 23 about to turn 24, and she still is that part of me that makes me smile and remember to have fun and enjoy the simple things.

April 05, 2011
I'll always remember Lynn skipping along as she showed me the beauties of Washington when I first came to U.W. from L.A., sharing her family with me on Mercer Island, and the adventures we had in the India Association. It was on her grandfather's martin guitar that I first learned to play a guitar. Such clear eyes and thoughts will be surely missed. Lynn loved you family members so much!
Alice Cox Sheth,
Austin, Texas

April 04, 2011
Oh damn. Lynn was saintlike. If there was only one parachute left, I would have given her mine.

April 03, 2011
Very sorry to hear this news. Tragic irony that ovarian cancer is also what cost the life of Stanley Ann Dunham, in whose memory Lynn helped establish a scholarship at Mercer Island High School.
Bob & Debby Pattin,
Olympia, Washington

March 21, 2011
Lynn made politics a noble endeavor. We shall all miss her wisdom and calm reflection.
Carol Friends,
Mercer Island, Washingto


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