Welcome to Rebuilding Democracy (RD), a Northwest Progressive Institute archive dedicated to the preservation and protection of the creative works of Lynn Allen, a talented writer, facilitator, and organizer who served as one of NPI�s first board members.

Lynn originally intended for RD to be a nonprofit consultancy offering consulting, training, leadership development, technical and new-media assistance to Democratic and progressive organizations to help them strengthen their grassroots organizing capacity.

RD is now an collection of Lynn�s writings, videos, and other creative works.

About Lynn

Lynn became active in Washington State politics in 2004 when she served as the campaign blogger for Chris Gregoire�s first gubernatorial campaign. Following the campaign�s conclusion, she began blogging at Evergreen Politics, where she shared her perspective on politics with readers regularly (and irregularly) for five years. She later worked on outreach for Darcy Burner�s second campaign for Congress before joining the Institute for Washington�s Future as its communications director.

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Note: Rebuilding Democracy posts dated prior to April 2009 were originally posted at Evergreen Politics, where Lynn blogged for four years. Posts after April 2009 were originally published here at Rebuilding Democracy.


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