Canines for Chris!

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Today we have a set of photos of dogs wearing Gregoire signs. The first was sent in by Ruth Smethers, a teacher in Snohomish County. She and a friend and her son all walked in the Kla Ha Ya Days parade in Snohomish County with their dogs Shiva and Beau, shown here. They support Chris because of her strong commitment to making Washington schools a priority.


The second was sent in by Marian Svinth, co-chair of the Gregoire Steering Committee in King County. She and her husband, Gene, take walks with her chocolate lab, Koko, often generating interesting conversations w/ other dog owners!!


The third was taken at the rally for Chris at Boeing Field the day after the primary election. Tara Jo Heinecke , Chair of the 33rd Legislative District, holds her dog, wearing a special doggie t-shirt she had made up to show her support for Chris.


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